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Zero Delta is a Veteran-owned company that values those who have served our country. If you are interested in working in a dynamic environment full of opportunities to make a lasting impact on our nations future and advance your professional growth, then we want to hear from you.

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Where Do You Fit In?

Whether you’re an aspiring analyst with a passion for data-driven insights, a developer or engineer with a knack for innovation, or a leader ready to inspire and guide a talented team in a dynamic environment, our career paths are designed to match your unique ambitions and skills. Choose the trajectory that best aligns with your goals and embark on a journey of professional fulfillment and achievement.

analyst-1 (1)

Analysts play a critical role in deciphering complex data sets to provide clients with actionable insights. These insights help Federal agencies fine-tune their supporting efforts to maximize performance and deliver results. Analysts oversee system upgrades and strive to continuously enhance data quality and performance.

  • JAWS
  • Dragon
  • VB Script
  • Selenium
  • JavaScript
  • Python
Developer-or-enfgineer (1)
Developer Or Engineer

Developers and Engineers are at the forefront of innovation. Whether architecting or implementing complex cloud careers, they utilize Agile methodologies and best practices to deliver groundbreaking careers that facilitate technological advancement and elevate our clients’ capabilities.

  • Java
  • XML
  • .NET
  • Angular/Vue
  • McAfee
  • Power BI
  • Office 365
  • NetSkope
  • Dynamics 365
  • Varonis
  • AWS/Azure
  • Cisco ESA
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • Fortify
leadership (1)
Leadership Or Management

Leaders and Managers oversee project planning, delegate tasks, and proactively refine and optimize processes. More than that, Leaders and Managers are the face of the mission and play a pivotal role in ensuring that clients are consistently satisfied and realize their core objectives.

  • Jira
  • Scrum and SAFe
  • Rational Tools Suite
  • Microsoft Project
  • Azure Dev Ops
  • CI/CD
  • Confluence
  • Jenkins