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Zero Delta strives to deliver transformational initiatives through robust solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each mission. Discover how our industry-leading services and holistic approach can help drive your organization to excel in a dynamic and rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Solutions That Deliver

Agile Development

Our highly-skilled experts live and breathe the Agile mindset. They don’t just develop software — they develop meaningful solutions that support cross-functional collaboration, essential feedback loops, experiential learning, and continuous improvement. If you’re looking for a tailored solution that not only solves your toughest problems on-time and within budget but transforms the user experience, we’re standing by.

Application Sustainment

We’ve answered the call to build a fully-integrated system with tomorrow’s challenges in mind — and we’ve just gotten started. Whether it be years or decades, our partnership spans the entire lifecycle of your mission, without fail. We continue to find ways to modernize, optimize and deploy system improvements that ensure your team has what they need to defend against the challenges of tomorrow.

Big Data

We understand that data is the underpinning of every successful mission. Our role is to build a solution that securely transforms your data into actionable strategies that result in meaningful outcomes within the bounds of agency governance. We build a framework that connects your data to the mission goals, key stakeholders, and infrastructure; resulting in an efficient data-drive strategy that is a catalyst for positive change.

Cloud Architecture

The ever-changing landscape of cloud architecture allows agencies to quickly scale their operations, enable and empower decision makers with confidence, remain compliant yet versatile, and deploy mission-critical with ease and certitude. We’re committed to delivering a tailored solution that transforms the way you manage, access, and share data now and into the future. If you’re ready to experience the profound benefits and limitless opportunities our solutions provide, we’re ready to help.


Our certified team provides a broad range of integrated security and engineering frameworks, dynamic and responsive operational technology, and control systems that routinely defend mission-critical applications and infrastructure.

Data Management

Our forward-thinking team helps agencies harness the power of their extensive data resources and revolutionize the way agencies access, share, and analyze their data. Starting with a thorough analysis of your mission objectives, compliance levels, and current infrastructure we develop a highly-scalable platform that securely delivers the information you need without fail.


Our mission-oriented team is uniquely positioned to build systems that are rooted in innovation, that mitigates threats through continuous security best practices, and delivers a responsive framework that supports rapid decision making.

Successful Partner Outcomes

Discover how our industry-leading solutions have helped teams like yours to achieve their core objectives.

Leveraging Cloud-Based Solutions To Increase Healthcare Accessibility

Leveraging Cloud-Based Solutions To Increase Healthcare Accessibility

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